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Lear delivers customized vehicle integrations that put your life at your fingertips.

Lear's industry-leading solutions give drivers the connectivity, visibility, and accessibility they demand. With our unique combination of advanced seating and e-systems expertise, and extensive capabilities in software integration, we're taking connectivity to places it's never been before.

With our comprehensive suite of ConnexUs™ and Intu™ product technologies, we make it easier for users to interact with and engage their vehicle, as well as the world they travel through. We put more information, more communication and more accessibility within reach, all while improving efficiency and safety. We make it easier for drivers to see, understand and engage with the people and places they know, as well as the road beneath their wheels. Our products deliver the personalized experience drivers need to bring their driving experience into alignment with the rest of their day-to-day lives.

  • Lear Connexus V2X Technology

  • Lear Connexus Cybersecurity

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