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Lear Virtual Proving Grounds

Lear Virtual Proving Grounds

Due to increased design complexity, higher functional content and reduced development times, automotive electrical engineering is rapidly moving towards full virtual prototyping. This requires suppliers to stay on the forefront of computer-aided engineering (CAE) technology.

Lear’s advanced tool suite, known as the Lear Virtual Proving Grounds (LVPG), allows our engineers to optimize electrical designs in the virtual world through rapid design iteration prior to building any physical parts for testing. The LVPG provides a platform to simulate and predict electrical and mechanical performance of the electrical system with a high degree of accuracy by utilizing proprietary algorithms and materials databases developed in-house.

LVPG enables us to analyze the electrical system from a holistic standpoint to deliver intelligent and optimal solutions that meet our customer’s technical objectives much more rapidly than a “build and test” methodology.

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