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Exterior Lighting Control

Exterior Lighting Control

Lear’s control module and light engine products control low and high beam light sources with different topologies for varying architectures. We develop the control module independently of the headlamp, which allows OEMs to utilize a single module for multiple carlines versus a specific vehicle model. The module is scalable and can be used in entry to premium segment vehicles with varying performance requirements.

Our low beam capability includes high channel LED count with complex motors and algorithms for leveling and bending.

Our high beam capability includes glare free high beams based on mechanical movement or matrix LEDs. Matrix LEDs enable specific illumination of pedestrians, obstacles or traffic signals, enhance bad weather lighting or reduce glare from oncoming traffic. Our first-to-market light engine with 84 LEDs controls the brightness of each individual LED to create the optimal light beam in each situation.

Lear has commenced pre-development work for High Definition systems combining matrix LEDs with a 1024 LED Pixel Chip or the digital micro mirror device. These technologies provide further functionality and safety for the consumer due to higher resolution light performance.

A summary of our product portfolio is below.

  • Standalone control modules in passenger compartments
  • Integration of light features in body controllers (HW + SW)
  • Control modules used at or in headlamps for LED functionality
  • Light engines (matrix LED)


  • EXL
  • EXL 2
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