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Audio Domain Controllers

Audio Domain Controllers

Building upon our long-term experience with most automotive audio technologies as well as electrical systems, Lear’s new Audio Domain Controller is an architecture which concentrates all audio functions. One central control unit combines classic sound functions along with noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) features, communication functions and driver assistance signaling.

The growing consumer expectations for advanced features, electrical and hybrid vehicle regulations and CO2 reduction requirements inspired Lear to bring together our high performance audio amplifier, acoustic domain controller, zonal audio, active NVH control and Approaching Vehicle Alert Sound (AVAS) functionality.

The future of autonomous driving will depend in part on advanced communication functions and driver assistance features that the Audio Domain Controller helps address. Among the many OEM benefits is that this integration results in less software development and maintenance and a scalable architecture. Consumers will enjoy state-of-the-art features, an improved next generation audio experience and over-the-air upgrades, along with the noted safety and driving experience enhancements.

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