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Connecting drivers to the world around them.

As the smartest integrated solution provider for smart devices on wheels, Lear Corporation has established Lear Connexus™as its future-forward resource for all things regarding vehicle connectivity, with the ability to provide software and hardware that manages and distributes the full complement of communication signals in, out and around the vehicle.

Lear’s product portfolio includes complete cellular connectivity and V2X capabilities, with the acquisition of Autonet Mobile’s intellectual property and Arada Systems strengthening Lear’s connectivity offerings. Our products are field-proven with years of production experience both in infrastructure deployments and in-vehicle applications and are fully compliant with all applicable standards. Lear’s hardware offerings are augmented with strong over-the-air software update expertise, an open architecture and experience interfacing with cloud-based and mobile applications. With in-house cyber security expertise that includes a fundamentally secure approach including firewall, certificate management, over-the-air software updates and intrusion detection Lear provides secure data and signal management.

  • Lear Connexus V2X Technology

  • Lear Connexus Cybersecurity

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