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Integrated Power Module

Charged for the future. Ready now. 

Lear provides world-class expertise in high power electrical architectures and power electronics providing greater efficiency in a variety of vehicle applications. Our advanced scalable power solutions enable the array of electrified architectures to charge faster, drive further, and cost less.

With our deep electrification experience, trusted design capabilities and highly advanced automated manufacturing processes, we have been a leader in high power delivery, conversion, management and integration for more than 10 years.

Lear’s Integrated Power Module includes full charging sub-systems capabilities of on-board chargers, DC/DC converters and power distribution units. Our campus in Valls, Spain, serves as a center of excellence for our electrification products and advanced development. With state-of-the-art testing facilities and labs, our prototype capabilities support product development and early phase parts delivery to ensure flawless development and production.

We create modular and scalable electrification solutions to ensure diversity of voltage and power in the most demanding applications. Our Integrated Power Module solution is customer-ready and prepared for product evolution in efficiency, weight and power density.

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