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Lear Connexus™

Lear ConnexUs Over-The-Air Updates

Using multiple Lear wireless technologies that integrates with our industry-leading expertise in vehicle electrical architecture, Lear’s Connected Gateway connects your vehicle to the outside world; provides communication with other vehicles and roadside equipment/infrastructure for improved safety, mobility services and more; and enables remote secure software updates of ECUs.

Off-the-shelf solutions based on consumer devices or add-ons are not integrated and are less secure. We designed our Connected Gateway to provide a superior solution that integrates with the car architecture to connect to an OEM cloud portal for over-the-air software updates and diagnostics. Our customers can address software issues more quickly and effectively, and consumers will appreciate skipping needless dealership visits.

Lear’s V2X communications (vehicle-to-vehicle, -infrastructure, etc.) support increased road safety and convenience that consumers have come to expect in their next vehicles.

Connect with our team to explore a systems-based solution and unrivaled expertise that provides the secure and confident roadmap for tomorrow’s technology.                                                       


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