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Lear Connexus™

Lear ConnexUs V2X

Lear ConnexUs V2X

Trusted by governments and transportation agencies around the world, Lear’s Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communications technology makes roadways safer for both motorists and pedestrians. Our Road Side Units allow vehicles to “talk” to the environment around them or to one another.

Lear’s expertise in Dedicated Short Range Communications, or DSRC, expands a new world of possibilities through advanced safety algorithms and real-time information. When embedded in an intersection, for example, a traffic light could signal to a car when it is about to turn, allowing the vehicle the choice to adjust its current speed or maintain its current rate.

Lear’s V2X technology allows for non-line of sight communications which includes fog, rain and other obstructions that are not visible to the driver. When used to allow vehicles to talk to one another, the technology could transmit each vehicle’s precise location to prevent collisions.

We’ve deployed globally, in dozens of cities, and answer the requests of officials for a safer environment—allowing automakers to take the next step to benefit consumers.


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