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Lear Connexus™

Connectivity: Supporting Technologies

Connectivity: Supporting Technologies

Underlying the suite of Lear ConnexUs products are capabilities that support vehicle connectivity inside, outside, and around the vehicle.

Over-the-Air (OTA) softwareLear ConnexUS Communication Modules connect the vehicle to the cloud for over-the-air software updates and diagnostics. With OTA updates, OEMs can address issues more quickly and effectively, and consumers can enjoy the convenience of updates without dealership visits.

Cybersecurity: Lear’s comprehensive security processes are seamlessly integrated into product development. This includes a cooperative and transparent customer engagement model, overarching vulnerability management and security approach with risk assessment, automated source code analysis and extensive security testing. For more information, click here.

Advanced software development: Lear’s software and systems engineers are developing and launching the industry’s most sophisticated connectivity technologies. Our advanced software technology, software architectures, and software development process and methods are at the heart of these systems. For more information, click here.

Safety algorithms: Software algorithms use information from V2X infrastructure to improve driver awareness of the surrounding environment (e.g., pedestrian detection) or alert the driver of safety threat (e.g., forward or intersection collision warning).

Applications: Capabilities include mobile and cloud-based applications enabled by the availability of cellular data, such as vehicle location or driving speed limitations set by driver.

EXO high accuracy positioning: Propriety software and data services work with existing GNSS receivers to provide centimeter-level accuracy anywhere on the globe. EXO’s high accuracy positioning solution provides precise and reliable vehicle positions, paving the way for a new generation of safety-focused, location-based applications. For more information, click here.

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