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Lear Connexus™

Lear ConnexUs Gateways (Central Compute)

Lear ConnexUs Gateways (Central Compute)

Lear ConnexUs Gateways (Central Compute) deliver optimized communications performance across 20+ vehicle networks, including Gigabit Ethernet, 100 Megabit Ethernet, CAN, LIN, FlexRay and Most. Lear ConnexUs Gateways are the central interface for safety, multimedia or other modules, and host centralized vehicle software functions. They are a critical component for cybersecurity with the ability to monitor vehicle network traffic and establish critical firewalls between wireless connectivity and other in-vehicle networks.

With access to in-vehicle and off-vehicle network data, Lear ConnexUs Gateways also facilitate increasing vehicle software requirements by acting as the central compute platform for software-based functionality.

Lear’s industry leading gateway capabilities are based on over 20 years of experience, including first-to-market products with multi-core microprocessor architectures and automotive Ethernet networking.


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