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Lear Connexus™

Lear ConnexUs Communication Modules

Lear ConnexUs Communication Modules

Lear ConnexUs Communication Modules provide secure wireless communication directly integrated with vehicle networks. Communication modules are critical for future data, safety, and autonomy functions by providing secure, real-time information through communication with cloud servers, vehicles, and infrastructure (V2X).

Consumers enjoy enhanced convenience as multiple wireless technologies enable secure cloud access for over-the-air (OTA) software updates, vehicle diagnostics, and remote function control. Lear ConnexUs Communication Modules are radio and carrier agnostic to accommodate the newest technologies and standards. With 4.5G modules in production, wireless capabilities include 3G-5G cellular, eCall, Bluetooth, WiFi, and optional V2X (cellular or DSRC).

Lear ConnexUs Communication Modules are developed on modular, Linux-based software architectures utilizing either containers or a hypervisor. Application Programming Interfaces (API) allow applications to be developed independently of the vehicle and module hardware to meet customer-specific needs and enhancing modularity of the system.


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