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Intu™ Lear's Intu seat is your personal docking station.


Lear, the global leader in performance and luxury automotive seating with over 100 years of expertise, moves intelligent seating to the next level with Intu™. Intu is an intuitive, comprehensive automotive seating system that delivers high-tech solutions that support comfort, adaptive safety, connectivity, wellness, and more.

Intu BioBridge

Our non-intrusive sensor technology utilizes biometrics to detect stress, drowsiness, and heart rate variability then activates seat treatments including heat and massage functions. The system also transmits critical data via a secure wireless communication to a health care professional or family member. Our instant connection capability brings you the feeling of relief and peace of mind knowing you well-being is our priority.

Intu Personalized Comfort

For refinement far beyond any mechanical pre-set settings, Intu™ allows you to self-select your personal driving style mode from Sport, Touring, or ProActiveTM Posture while our embedded sensors actively monitor your comfort. Beyond Lear’s legendary fit and finesse, our high technology encompasses an intelligent pneumatic control module that directs an array of air chambers to expand and contract for prompt comfort adjustment on the fly.

Driving innovation to help address health and wellness, ProActive Posture Seating deploys a proprietary technology and in-house analytical process derived from our research and data points. Those points are then matched with Lear's Multi-Contour Seat Module to provide you with a seating position that promotes better posture and cumulative wellness benefits. Consumers will be able to enter personal preferences and data to receive a recommendation based on individual biometrics and biomechanics, with the total effects of good posture made accessible as never before in a vehicle. ProActive Posture Seating has been endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractors Association, World Federation of Chiropractic, and Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition.

Intu Intelligent Heat & Cool

Lear’s industry-leading climate control Intelligent Heat & Cool seat technology is empowered by surface sensors, our variable climate control module, and Climate Ribbon™ to help you beat the heat and the cold for a far more comfortable drive.

Lear integrates the Climate Ribbon by weaving it into the foam just below the surface of the seat—yielding an even and consistent climate-controlled surface. This conduction-based approach versus other convection-driven climate systems results in lower energy consumption that, in turn, translates to extended range on electric vehicles and better gas mileage on combustion engine vehicles.

Other advantages include: design flexibility that eliminates the need for perforated leather; the ability to heat and cool in the same device; the option to combine with ventilation; simultaneous cooling and heating in selective areas; and more.

With global capabilities to produce fully-integrated seats from design, to Just-in-Time assembly, to delivery in order to meet our customers’ needs, Lear adds another significant technological advance to our legacy of innovation and the new spectrum of consumer comfort.

Intu Rapid Repositioning

IntuTM combines Rapid Repositioning technology with Lear’s ConnexUsTM communications technology to detect an imminent collision and instantly position seats in an optimal safety position for a vehicle’s occupants.

The convergence of Lear’s technology and automotive seating focuses on the core issue of occupant safety, with an emphasis that seats are the first point of human contact and a critical safety component for the driver and everyone in the vehicle.

Unlike seating manufacturers that don’t have in-house electronics integration like Lear, we can build a seat that detects threats and provides a rapid response before impact in order to deliver protection that previous generations of seats couldn’t.

Intu SoundZone

Lear’s SoundZoneTM is our noise-cancelling proprietary technology that creates a “sound bubble” that allows each individual occupant to connect securely to audio streams or allows a private conversation for between just two occupants. Future ride-sharing or car-sharing vehicles equipped with IntuTM seats will provide SoundZone for ultimate customization and privacy.

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