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ConfigurE+ The power to reconfigure your car’s interior.


Lear’s new seating innovation features the first reconfigurable track system with power, which permits the seat to be fixed on floor rails. Simply drop and adjust it in any position for an optimal arrangement for space that assists cargo maximization for traditional driving and anticipates the possibilities for the autonomous future. Pre-set, personalized configurations at the push of a button creates your car’s cabin for tomorrow, whether Flex Mode’s spacious capabilities, Work Mode’s setting for business meetings or Entertainment Mode’s media and catering options.

As the experts in seating, we’re focused on delivering our best-in-class ergonomics and functionality, adding Comfort Tilt, Table Fold and Sleep capabilities for next-level expectation of what automotive seating can do for you. The possibilities of autonomous, ride-share and public transportation made more flexible, personal and powerful with the power of Lear’s ConfigurE+.

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