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Comfort Our edge in comfort comes from the advantage of vertical integration.


Lear’s expertise in comfort answers the demands from a driver’s initial encounter with surface materials to proprietary technological customization options that can address potential wellness benefits and individual choice. With its appreciation of past market preferences and continuous research, Lear works with automotive manufacturers to provide performance and luxury versions of seats that suit the demonstrated expectations for any global region. 

In addition, ProActive™ Posture employs our proprietary Therametric™ Analysis for Lear’s My Seat™ application, where a consumer can easily input individual information for a suggested seat position provided by data we have captured and deployed for the benefit of every driver. Beginning with our components from mechanisms to foam, Lear sees these integrated into an overall comfort approach to deliver leading quality efficiently. We provide precision and savings gained from virtual prototyping and Just-in-Time assembly that's appreciated by the planning professionals of our partners.


Lear Crafted Comfort Connect

Lear Crafted Comfort Connect

As carmakers continually seek to reduce weight and improve interiors, Lear Corporation is utilizing its proprietary Lear Crafted Comfort Connect...

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