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Wireless Technology Wireless technology with best-in-class range in the industry.

Wireless Technology

Lear’s Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) systems offer superior range for vehicle locking/unlocking and remote vehicle starting. Our RKE designs are compatible with all vehicle architectures and can be delivered as integrated and standalone systems. 

Lear’s experience serving multiple OEMs spans over 25 years and our 2-Way RKE system provides 2-way communication between the vehicle and driver. The transmitter allows for starting the vehicle, as well as checking vehicle status from over 300 meters away. The transmitter’s LCD screen displays engine status, fuel level, internal temperature and climate control. All transmitter commands are confirmed by the vehicle and displayed for the driver. 

Lear’s Passive Entry/Passive Start (PEPS) system provides the security and convenience of passive vehicle access and vehicle starting. The system uses both low and high frequencies to offer a challenge and response with an encrypted secure link between the transmitter and the vehicle.

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