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Lighting Lighting technology offering the latest in design, safety and convenience.


Lear’s Exterior Lighting Modules provide constant voltage which extends bulb life, reducing service cost and vehicle downtime. Lighting modules are also used to control LEDs in many lighting applications, which are increasingly used in side markers, daytime running lights, turn indicators, and headlights. Lear’s Adaptive Front-Light Control Modules enable better illumination of the road ahead by automatically adjusting the headlamp position based on the speed, steering angle, and vehicle yaw rate. 

Lear’s Adaptive LED Matrix Beam Control Modules provide all of the features of the Adaptive Front-Light Control Module without the need for moving parts, resulting in better system reliability and quality. By independently controlling up to 100 LEDs and integrating signals from camera-based sensors, additional applications, such as active high beam control and obstacle spot lighting, can be achieved.

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