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Body Electronics Body electronics leadership with first gateway integration.

Body Electronics

Gateway Modules allow for interaction between different vehicle communication protocols enabling a complete vehicle network. Lear is proficient in all vehicle Bus architectures including the latest FlexRay and Ethernet systems. Our standalone or integrated designs offer our customers optimum flexibility and a range of cost-effective solutions. Our full range of gateway products enable advanced high speed safety and multimedia networks, including LIN, CAN, MOST, FlexRay and Ethernet.

Body Control Modules manage numerous vehicle functions including but not limited to door locks, chime control, interior and exterior lights, security functions, wipers, turn signals and power management, as well as wireless and gateway functionality. Our capability allows for the integration of multiple electronic features into one module, resulting in system cost and weight savings. 

Lear provides scalable solutions for use on low to high-end vehicle platforms. Our robust designs allow for interior or under-hood packaging locations, while our expertise in vehicle networks (CAN, LIN, etc.) delivers optimized communication performance. Lear’s model-based software, auto-code generation and automated testing capability enables more efficient software development and reduces product development time.

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