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Crafted by Lear At Lear, we think of craftsmanship as engineered beauty.

When you experience a Crafted by Lear seat, you feel a manufacturer’s inspired design brought to life with its original emotional intent intact. From early inspiration to beautifully engineered completion, Lear delivers more throughout our collaborative process for your brand.

With our long history in luxury and performance seating and as the world’s largest provider of premium automotive leather, Lear deploys the best team in the industry and our proprietary technologies with the ultimate aim of your vision becoming the reality you imagined.

Vertical Integration

For the assurance of a complete professional process, our vertically integrated business structure provides unmatched capabilities in surface materials across performance textiles, premium leathers and hand-sewn trim covers.

Harmonic PrecisionTM

Lear’s proprietary craftsmanship process, Harmonic PrecisionTM, emphasizes upfront involvement in our customer’s design studio at vehicle conception through flawless execution. With superior styling and an unrivaled X-factor, Lear works with you so your seat design blends with and extends your brand vision.

Center for Craftsmanship

Lear’s Center for Craftsmanship is our exclusive studio where our leading team of design, engineering and manufacturing experts work on select projects from the drawing board to showroom delivery to invite the consumer’s imagination to engage with a refined excellence that can only be Crafted by Lear.


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