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TeXstyle™ Enhance TeXstyle™ Enhance enables unique design emphasis within an array of fabric base choices.

TeXstyle™ Enhance

Guilford’s TeXstyle Enhance offers a wide range of secondary embellishment technologies to enhance a common ground material, enabling unique design emphasis within an array of fabric base choices, from economy to luxury. Technologies include: Embossing, Printing, Laser Etching, Embroidery, and Sonic Welding.

Consumer Benefits

  • Offers expressive design aesthetics through color, texture, and pattern placement
  • Enables opportunities for personalization within the seat trim
  • Compliments OEM styling theme

Program Advantages

  • Allows the design team to achieve the dynamic and varied appearance goals envisioned for the vehicle during styling and theme development
  • Offers quick turn-around of unique aesthetic themes and appearance through the use of an approved base material
  • Opportunity to distinctly upgrade an economy base material through value-added techniques for appearance and hand
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