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Message from our CEO

Message from our CEO


What does it mean? In its simplest form, it’s the ability to maintain a certain level of performance. That’s not a very high bar in the business world, where we’re always working to exceed expectations. But when you think of sustainability in an ecological sense, it means maintaining a balance in all of our natural resources, from raw materials to water to the air we breathe. From a people perspective, it means satisfying the needs of the present without adversely affecting future generations. These are much more challenging goals.

Widening our gaze helps us realize that businesses not only have a responsibility to earn profits, but to support the people who are part of our human family as well as the planet we all share. As a Fortune 500 company with 161,000 employees around the world, everyone at Lear can make an impact.

And we are. The same passion that drives our technological innovations and operational excellence is finding creative ways to use recycled raw materials, develop recyclable products, reduce energy and water use, and work with our suppliers to do the same. Through Lear’s Operation GIVE, our employees are improving economic well-being, educational preparedness and environmental vitality to help people around the world thrive in their daily lives.

Working together with customers, suppliers, employees and communities, we are one human family dedicated to protecting the environment, supporting our communities and sustaining economic prosperity for everyone’s benefit.

I invite you to learn more about our efforts in this report. Every year, we are doing more. And we are committed to continuing the journey because, quite simply, it’s the right thing to do.

I want to personally thank everyone at Lear for making an impact. Your passion for sustainability— in prosperity, people and the planet—is driving possibilities for future generations.


Ray Scott
President and Chief Executive Officer
Lear Corporation

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