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Wood Pine Based Plastic

Wood Pine Based Plastic

Use of wood fiber generated from tree waste and shavings of wood can effectively be used as a filler in a Polypropylene plastic, replacing synthetic fillers like talc and glass fiber. This filler is lighter and, in many cases, can be less costly than chemical fillers. Ultimately, this brings weight and potential cost savings to the part and is suitable for exterior and possibly interior vehicle applications.

Product features:

  • Promotes green technology, reducing carbon footprint
  • Lower specific gravity than synthetic fillers (weight save ~4-7% on parts basis)
  • Offers reinforcing properties with improved stiffness and impact strength
  • Excellent chemical and mold resistance
  • Applications: exterior and possibly interior (odor)

Current status & timeline of development:

  • Four different prototype designs of Fuse Box and Cover made across several car lines in NA and Asia
  • DVP Testing going on
  • Material meets OEM Odor test for exterior applications. Applicability for interior TBD
  • Cost neutral with benchmark material with ~4.7% weight saving at part level


  • Current injection molding machines with same tooling. Molding temps are crucial to keep the odor level down.
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