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Sustainable Surface Materials

Sustainable Surface Materials

Lear’s ImpACT brand features a diverse product portfolio of natural, renewable, recycled, and zero-waste materials to meet the many needs of our customers. Through our vertically integrated business structure, Lear provides holistic solutions that maximize performance while addressing future environmental needs.

Natural & Renewable

Responsible leather

  • Natural and renewable resource
  • By-product of the meat industry, reducing waste to landfill
  • Inherently durable and cleanable

Natural tanning

  • Up to 100% natural and renewable ingredients
  • Responsibly harvested extracts
  • Chromium free

Natural fiber

  • Premium offering with renewable content
  • Breathable, moisture absorption properties
  • Natural fibers obtained from plants

Recycled & Zero Waste

Recycled Polyester

  • Derived from post-industrial or post-consumer PET waste
  • PET is recycled into polymer and turned into yarn
  • Every pound of recycled yarn conserves a 1/2 gallon of fossil fuel

Ocean Waste Yarn

  • By-product of the fishing industry
  • 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris pollute the ocean
  • One pound of gathered ocean waste produces one pound of yarn

3D Knit

  • Zero waste in the cut process
  • Minimization or elimination of conventional trim methods
  • Reduction of polyurethane foam foundation
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