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Nylon Fabric Waste

Nylon Fabric Waste

Nylon fabric waste from the Guilford Performance Textile division is effectively utilized to make a fabric-based velcro covering. This covering is used effectively for a specific harness family where the wiring is routed from the exterior to the interior of the body through metal. This is a true example where a process waste from one sister company is utilized and tailored into a “reusable” harness covering.

Product features:

  • Good NVH characteristics
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Can be used multiple times


  • Process waste stream of Guilford Style 49012 is tailored to make 560mm x 350mm lengths with a 19mm velcro strip running across the length of the fabric

Current status:

  • Body Harness using this product. Program SOP Jan 2018
  • Plan to find similar applications across other OEMs where such covering can be used
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