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Lightweight Structures

Lightweight Structures

The current factors driving the automotive industry are the need for weight reduction and optimized efficiency, while increasing the comfort for the driver and passengers. Seats play an integral role in reducing the overall weight of the vehicle and improving the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Lear partners with OEMs to engineer lightweight structures that maintain performance, safety and functionality. Lear’s Apex Low Mass front seat 8-Way power structure boasts increased comfort and safety features and weighs an industry leading 10.9kg. The technology optimizes mass and performance through advanced materials, minimizes complexity with improved manufacturability through component commonality and provides design flexibility to meet varied vehicle segments and OEM goals.

Product characteristics:

  • 75% lighter than steel
  • Can be used in multiple seats
  • Frame is exposed on the seat, allowing for material reduction in terms of trim materials and additional panels that would have covered the frame


  • Reduces mass that contributes to overall vehicle weight reduction
  • Assists in increasing vehicle MPG rating and meeting mandated OEM Global Fuel and Emission Reduction Regulation
  • Material reduction which not only contributes to mass reduction, but also to the reduction of waste that would end up in landfills

Issues addressed:

  • Vehicle fuel use
  • Electric vehicle battery range and efficiency
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