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Water Stewardship

Water Stewardship

Water scarcity is increasingly threatening many parts of the world, especially as global demand rises from growing populations, economic development, and the impacts of climate change. Water stewardship is about businesses understanding the risks they face from water scarcity and pollution, and taking action to help ensure water is managed sustainably as a shared, public resource. While this challenge is concerning, Lear believes the world has sufficient water supply to meet everyone’s needs, if we all work together to better manage it. As a consumer of water, we take seriously our commitment to be a responsible steward of this precious, shared resource.

Lear promotes water reduction projects to conserve the valuable resource at all global locations. Our Continuous Improvement and Environmental teams share best practices in order to benefit from projects that have been found to be successful with water reduction activities. Some of these 2017 projects include:

  • Continued optimization of water saving in bathroom, kitchen, and cafeteria fixtures by installing low-flow fixtures and repairing leaks.
  • Water reduction audits to identify opportunities to reduce water consumption in production and water recycling and reuse opportunities.

After meeting our 10% reduction goal for 2018 in 2013, Lear continues to identify and implement water-saving programs at our facilities to meet our new 2020 goal of an additional 10% water use reduction over our new 2013 baseline.

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