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Energy Reduction Activities

Energy Reduction Activities

Lear’s Global Continuous Improvement teams strongly support our sustainability efforts using lean manufacturing processes to identify energy and waste reduction projects, track progress and operate a best-practice website to share successful projects. In 2017, Lear achieved its 2020 goal of 15% energy reduction over 2013 baseline energy use (normalized to labor hours). Total energy consumption in 2017 was 1.37 Million MWh. A sampling of energy reduction projects undertaken at several representative plants around the globe during 2017 include:

  • Over 180 energy efficiency projects were completed to reduce electric energy consumption in production, facilities and maintenance
  • Energy treasure hunts continued at various plants identifying opportunities of energy reduction
  • Elimination of compressed air losses by conducting audits, leak detection/repair programs, replacing motors with variable speed motors, and usage management programs are ongoing
  • Insulation of pipes and ducts to reduce heating and cooling losses
  • Improved and more efficient ventilation in the plants
  • Implementation of daylight harvesting in some plants
  • Redistribution of heat from air compressors into the plant for heating
  • Managed print program in corporate offices to reduce wasted print copies saving electric energy, toner and paper.
  • Implemented an energy saving awareness program for employees to identify and act upon opportunities to reduce electrical consumption like: lighting left on when area not in use, computers turned on after working hours, fans and equipment operating during lunchtime, non-working hours and weekends in production areas.
  • Continued evaluation and installation of occupancy sensors or timers for lights in warehouse and office areas
  • Continued switching to programmable thermostat to control the Heating and Air Conditioner system during evenings, weekends and holidays

Lear contributed to global GHG reductions by generating weight savings in seating systems which translate into CO2 reductions. As an example, on average Lear saved 63 K tonnes of C02e/year globally due to model-year weight reductions in the seating systems. In addition to weight reduction, Lear contributed to weight reductions and improvements in the recliners for automotive seating systems, generating savings of 1.4 M tonnes of CO2e/year globally.

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