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Lear's success is dependent on strong relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. These policy documents outline our commitment to excellence, quality, safety and diversity for all who play a part in our continued achievements. Click on the links below to read the policy documents in detail.

If you have Adobe's Acrobat Reader plug-in installed, you may automatically download and view the Lear form of your choice now. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you may go to Adobe's Acrobat site to download the reader as well as obtain full instructions for installing the software.

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Square Ratio 2008 Annual Report

2008 Annual Report

The year 2008 will be recorded in the history books as one of extreme economic challenges.

Square Ratio 2007 Annual Report

2007 Annual Report

Staying focused on the fundamentals of our business in 2007, the Lear team continued to deliver outstanding quality and service to our customers.

Square Ratio 2006 Annual Report

2006 Annual Report

The primary focus in 2006 was repositioning our business for future success.

Square Ratio 2005 Annual Report

2005 Annual Report

In 2005, a reversal in the trend toward total interiors that led us to develop total interior capability became apparent.

Square Ratio 2004 Annual Report

2004 Annual Report

In 2004, we continued to improve our operating fundamentals, with a particular emphasis on quality performance and operating efficiency.

Displaying: 21 - 25 of 25
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