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Ontario Toxics Reduction Act

The Ontario Toxics Reduction Act (TRA), 2009 and Ontario Regulation 455/09 requires applicable facilities located in Ontario to annually track, quantify and report the amount of toxic substances used, created, released and contained in product. The TRA and Regulation 455/09 applies to manufacturing (NAICS 31-33) and select mining/processing facilities that employ more than an equivalent of 10 full-time persons, and who use or create acetone or materials regulated by the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI).

In accordance with subsection 10 (4) of the TRA, the owner and the operator of a facility shall ensure that the certain information contained in a report prepared under Section 10 of the TRA is made available to the public on the internet and given to a member of the public upon request. Lear Corporation's TRA report is based on our submission to Environment Canada's NPRI.

Please click on the links below for public information from Lear Corporation's 2013 TRA report for our facility in Kitchener, Ontario.

2013 TRA Report
TRA Plan Summary

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