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What Interests Us?


  • Seating-related safety systems
  • Alternative structural materials
  • High strength material forming technologies
  • Green chemistries
  • Electronic integration
  • Metal and textile joining technologies
  • Selective metal strengthening technologies (e.g. Heat Treat)
  • Adjustable mechanical and thermal comfort systems
  • Actuator technologies

Electrical Power Management Systems

  • Solid state electronics
  • Alternative materials
    • Wire
    • PCB
    • Resin
    • Alloys
  • Ultra high band RF technology
  • Gateway technologies (wireless, high speed, etc.)
  • Terminals for wire cross section 0.13 mm^2
  • Terminals for aluminum wire
  • New terminals & connector concepts
  • New lighting technology
  • Advanced communication protocol / networks
  • High power controls
  • Efficient power electronics
  • Advanced audio sound technology
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