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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Who may use the Lear technology submission portal?

Any individual may upload a technology submission to Lear’s portal, except individuals that are employees, vendors or suppliers of Lear Corporation. Lear employees should submit proposals through Lear’s internal technology portal. Vendors and suppliers should discuss the process and considerations for technology submissions with their respective Lear contacts.

Must I own a pending patent application or issued patent for Lear to consider my technology submission?

Yes. In order to protect your rights as an inventor and the interests of Lear Corporation, it is a requirement that you own a pending patent application or issued patent for Lear to evaluate the technology submission. Lear Corporation will require verification of the pending or issued patent rights and your ownership rights in the technology and does not act in any legal capacity on your behalf.

How does Lear handle my technology submission?

A member of Lear’s technology team will evaluate your submission to ensure the submission is complete and assess whether the submission has potential application to Lear’s business interests.

Will Lear accept the submission of confidential information?

No. The exchange of non-confidential information between yourself and Lear protects the intellectual property rights of both parties and simplifies the submission process. Do not submit confidential information. Lear will not review any documents that are marked “Confidential” or similarly marked or held out to be in confidence.

What happens if Lear is interested in my technology submission?

If Lear is interested in your submission, a Lear representative will make contact to discuss entering into a Confidentiality Agreement with you to allow the parties to exchange additional information. The parties may also discuss entry into a Joint Development Agreement should Lear have interest in pursuing your submission following the work under the Confidentiality Agreement.

Will I be contacted should Lear decide not to pursue my submission?

No. Lear will not provide any status updates during the submission review process of feedback or results following the review process for submissions that are not selected for potential application for our business.

What reasons might Lear decide to decline to pursue my submission?

Lear may decline to pursue your submission for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The submission is already known to or part of a program currently developed by Lear
  • The submission is conceptually interesting, but may be technically or strategically impractical to develop and commercialize
  • Lear does not believe the submission is a strategic match for Lear’s business plans

What will Lear do with the personal information that I include with my submission?

Personal information such as phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses will be used by Lear to communicate with you regarding your submission. Lear will not use it for any other purpose, nor will the information be shared with any third parties, except Lear employees or third parties providing services to Lear in support of this website and Lear’s evaluation process, unless you have expressly provided your authorization to Lear to share the information.

What kinds of technology is Lear interested in?

Lear is a leading supplier of seat systems, seating components, and electrical power management systems to OEM’s globally. If you believe your idea can improve our products or offer value-enhancing features to our OEM customers and end consumers, then we are interested in it. For a list of specific areas of interest, please refer to our What Interests Us? page.

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