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Sustainability Our vision for strengthening our shared future starts with all of us. We ask, “What’s your ImpACT?”

Lear is committed to a sustainable future for our environment, our community, and our business. To us, ImpACT is more than just a corporate social responsibility strategy, it’s a way of life. As we look forward, we’re excited to continue our sustainability journey as a team, not only with our employees but also with our customers and suppliers.

Our “Three Pillars of Sustainability” serve as a foundation for our efforts at work and home that will drive our success in Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, and Economic Prosperity.

Small steps matter, and they add up to big changes. Whether through our global Environmental, Health & Safety policies for every Lear facility; the research our Seating and E-Systems engineers conduct to develop new technologies that reduce environmental impact; or our design-for-environment (DfE) concepts with recycled materials – we are committed to being and doing better.

Lear’s commitment to our one shared world is stronger now than it’s ever been. And we are asking you to help us... What’s your ImpACT?

Sustaining our environment for future generations

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