Making the world a comfortable and safe place

Consumers are increasingly attracted to vehicles that offer innovative features that make their driving experience more comfortable, convenient and safe. Lear is driving comfort, safety and innovation with seating and electronics technology with products such as LeanProfile™ and ThinFoldTM Seating. The ultimate benefit of our comfort technology is increased consumer satisfaction, time after time.

Lear ThinFold Seat™

ThinFold™ Seat

Lear's patented ThinFold seat achieves a 120mm folded height perfect for SUV's and MPV's. This easy to use, single operation system enhances interior space and cargo capacity without sacrificing 2nd and 3rd row comfort.


LeanProfile™ Seat

Lear's LeanProfile design offers high strength and durability, light weight, a unique design, and optimized part count.


ComfortSlide™ Seat

ComfortSlide™ technology provides exceptional comfort for rear seat passengers. This new feature has adjustable cushions that allow for up to 100mm of adjustment; this results in up to 20 degrees of incremental recline angle in the 2nd row seats of cars, pickups and wagons.