Mechanisms to fit all customer needs

A strategic part of Lear's vertical-integration capabilities is remaining a world-class provider of seating mechanisms that are competitive in both mass and cost. Our wide variety of recliners, latches, and Smartfold™ recliner innovations provide an array of options to our customers ranging from low cost to high performance for global, entry-level platforms, or luxury vehicles. Our recliners are available in disc and flange styles or manual and power, all with three sets of strength requirements.

Evo™ Mini Recliner

Lear Mini Recliner

Our low mass recliners provide high strength-to-weight ratio, saving 35% in weight and 50% in packaging space compared to traditional recliners. 



Lear's patent-pending global floor latch family incorporates modular components assembled into three different size latches to cost-effectively meet any loading requirement for fold and tumble or removable rows of seats.

Smart Fold™ Power Seat

EZ Dump Mechanism 

Lear's portfolio of core mechanism components can be combined in multiple ways to create non-standard functionality, such as seat back articulation systems.  These dual-sided "dump latches" are efficiently priced and easily packaged, due to their pedigree as core components in Lear's high-volume manufacturing operations.