Enhanced seating comfort using optimal foam chemistry

Lear Corporation leverages breakthrough chemistries to provide comprehensive foam-product offerings that meet strict automotive-performance specifications. It is critical that our products meet safety compliances and demanding customer expectations of comfort and craftsmanship. Our global-manufacturing scale and environmental leadership allows us to deliver highly engineered foam solutions that meet and exceed seating-system design demands.

Lear Crafted Comfort Connect™

Lear Crafted Comfort Connect™

As the world leader in luxury and performance automotive seating, Lear Corporation utilizes its proprietary Lear Crafted Comfort Connect™ process to manufacture the most stylish high performance seats needed for the leading premium automotive manufacturers around the globe. Lear combines stunning modern design with technological prowess to present acclaimed seats that assist iconic companies in reducing weight and producing interiors that delight enthusiast and industry insiders alike.

Soy Foam™

SoyFoam™ Seating

Lear's revolutionary SoyFoam™ Seating is environmentally friendly with comfort and affordability in mind. It uses award winning technology and meets all the automotive-performance requirements for head restraint, armrest, and seating-system cushions.

Dynamic Environmental Comfort System™

Dynamic Environmental Comfort System (DECS)™

Lear's layered design of this revolutionary technology weighs up to 50% less than other comfort systems, and balances passenger comfort, safety, environmental care, acoustic, and economic needs with the best naturally engineered seating environment.