Web Applications

Requirements for Access

At this time, only companies that have been approved as Lear Suppliers can gain access to these applications. If you would like to get information on how to become an approved supplier to Lear, please send an e-mail to globalpurchasing@lear.com. Prior to gaining access to our web-based applications, each supplier must register with Lear. This registration process involves assigning one person within each supplier as a Supplier Administrator. The Supplier Administrator is responsible for maintaining a list of users at your various locations and the applications they can access.

Registration to Lear Corporate Purchasing Applications and Supplier Tracking (eSRM)

All suppliers are required to register a supplier administrator for access to the Lear eSRM applications at https://access2.lear.com.

Your Supplier Administrator is responsible for assigning user access IDs and passwords for others in your company to access the Lear Purchasing applications, which include:

  • Online Quote System
  • Supplier Rating System (SRS)
  • Purchase Order Retrieval
  • ProFile Supplier (APQP)
  • Diversity Reporting (North America Only)
  • Supplier Quality Tracking System (SQTS)

Currently Registered

If you work for a supplier that is currently registered, please contact your Supplier Administrator for a user ID and password. If you don't know who your Supplier Administrator is, send an email to supplieraccess@lear.com (with your company's HQ name and Lear supplier code) for assistance.

NOTE: eSRM is now compatible with IE 11 in Enterprise Mode. However, eSRM does not support: Safari, Netscape, Firefox or Chrome.